Medicine from the Heart for Challenging Times: What's Available with Juliana


Subtle Realm Coaching

I specialize in helping deeply sensitive people vanquish the inner critic so that they can live joyfully in alignment with their true values.

As a Subtle Realm Coach, I arrive with very finely attuned attention.  Specifically, I can feel the quality of the sensation and where the emotional holding pattern is located in the physical body, what I call empathic attunement.  For example - a client feeling fear may have a sudden clenching in the solar plexus that is dense, dark, with a prickly texture.  I will sense that in my own solar plexus and know that something in them wants attention there to unfold. It is helpful to have a guide here because these sensations are frequently bypassed due to discomfort or the need to be productive versus reflective. However, what we resist, persists!

Using innovative coaching techniques, including empathically attuned guided inquiry, we will set out on a journey of unfolding awareness. On the path, we will see the habituated holding patterns of shame, anger, and fear.  By meeting them with curiosity and compassion, these  blockages naturally give way to illuminating the wisdom beneath. Here you will gain access to your innate wellspring of joy, confidence and courage.  These qualities now become your motive forces in life and you are free to move from inspiration rather than desperation. This is Subtle Realm Coaching, and it is for people ready and willing to go on an inner excavation to harness the power of their Internal Guidance System.  

Japanese Acupuncture

I practice a gentle and profound Japanese style of acupuncture, developed by Kiiko Matsumoto.  Kiiko style acupuncture is especially effective to treat people with a wide variety of health issues. I treat people with conditions including: autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalances, infertility, brain injuries, cardiac problems, chronic digestive difficulty, allergies/asthma, depression, anxiety, headaches and chronic pain. I also have a passion for treating clinically complex cases. For this type of acupuncture I accept most PPO plans from Meritain, Aetna, and Cigna. 

Subtle Realm Coaching + Acupuncture

For people exploring the existential questions of life, I offer Subtle Realm Coaching that can be combined with Subtle Realm Acupuncture.  Subtle Realm Acupuncture uses the extraordinary meridians - named not only because they are outside of the 12 regular (physical) meridian structure, but also for the fact that they are doing marvels. These meridians are part of the primitive constitution of the being; outside of time and space; the unseen motive forces at play in the universe.  

As such working with the extraordinary meridians can have potent, sometimes downright miraculous, shifts in our lives. Personally, my life took an amazing turn for the better after these treatments, and I’ve been utilizing them since for patients when working outside the physical realm is indicated.  

These treatments are for people wanting:

  • Clarity in purpose and direction in life
  • Support to cultivate increased emotional security
  • Sight into core wounds that create relational drama
  • Objectivity around highly emotional issues 
  • Pressure relief from anger that lives just below the surface
  • Access to blind spots allowing a fuller picture to emerge
  • Healthy boundaries in relationships and separation when needed
  • Increased motivation, vitality, and inspiration
  • Integration of consciousness from the personality to higher self

Combining Subtle Realm Acupuncture with Subtle Realm Coaching links the essential aspects of self:  body, mind, and soul. Once connected, internal reorganization is possible.

I'm offering a free 20-minute phone consultation to see if we are a good match and to see how I can best serve you - be it with acupuncture, coaching, or a combination. Email with questions or to schedule a session.











Testimonials (More reviews on Yelp!)

  • I’m a walking testimony! After one treatment with Juliana, I slept longer than in months! Other things began to respond better too. She’s amazing!

    – Chris H.

  • I had my first ever acupuncture today with the amazing Juliana Kramer (thanks mama!). Juliana is so magical and intuitive and caring. My entire body feels relaxed for the first time in weeks and I am in a blissful mood. Bay Area friends, this is a beautiful act of self-care (especially with the craziness going on astrologically lately… if you are into that kind of thing). Go get you some acupuncture and get it with this lady!

    – Alla Z.

  • Juliana gave me emergency acupuncture with a side of wonderful life coaching – I have to say, not only was it a gift for me that she was available and willing when I needed it, the work was also the bomb. Too bad she’s on the other side of the country for me, lucky for you!

    – Chelsea J.

  • I had been struggling with ongoing discomfort and pain when swallowing and talking for over eight months, having first been diagnosed with an ulcerated larynx. After resting my voice a month, the ENT doctor did another scope of my throat and assured me my larynx had healed, but the pain continued. I tried all sorts of conventional ways of treating my sore throat, and got a second opinion from another ENT doctor, who ultimately told me, “You simply have to learn to live with the pain.”

    Right from the start [of acupuncture treatments with Juliana] I felt a distinct lessening of the severity of pain in my throat. After three treatments I no longer had to take Advil to relieve the ongoing discomfort or ache in my throat, and my emotional outlook had brightened to the point of no longer feeling depressed or worried about the condition. Now I no longer make my throat pain the focus of my life and am able to see friends and talk for short periods without that severity of stabbing pain in my throat after. I have every confidence my condition will continue to improve, and my general overall health has improved, as well, plus I’m sleeping more deeply. Having the acupuncture treatments has opened a window of hope for me.

    – Ellen L.

  • Juliana is amazing! I highly recommend her for acupuncture and massage!

    I found her back in July when I was searching for an “emergency” massage on the yelp pages. After a couple of years of sleep deprivation and lack of self-care (thank you motherhood) I had a hit a wall and could not take the discomfort I was experiencing for another second! Turns out I was also dealing with an ovarian cyst that was adding to my discomfort.

    Juliana is incredibly intuitive and attuned to energy in the body. I don’t mean to sound all woo-woo, but she knew exactly where I was hurting, how I needed to be massaged and all the right channels to stick her magic needles. She is also warm, grounding and holds a safe container, which is just what this exhausted and physically taxed mama needed to release the stress and trauma from her body!

    I’ve been seeing her since then (she supported me through surgery and recovery and now helps me deal with my chronic body stuff related to scoliosis and modern life). Her sessions (I do both acupuncture and massage together) always leave me in less pain, more relaxed, and feeling happy to exercise self-care! I sleep better, digest better and pay more attention to my health and well being since I began care with her. She’s my therapist on multiple levels ;)… her personality and energy just feels safe, non-judgmental and nurturing to me.

    Also if you you’re just looking for an amazing, deep, strong massage that melts the tension from your body, she can deliver!

    – Lenaya P.