About Juliana

Juliana (she/her) left the world of advertising and graphic design in 2005 to pursue the call to heal others, and became a successful Massage Therapist.  Then in 2007,  after experiencing an acupuncture treatment that provided great relief for a bout of sciatica (pain down the leg) she became fascinated by acupuncture and took the leap to study the art and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

While in school for TCM she concurrently became a  Certified Life Coach using the Co-Active Coaching method, adding to her healer tool kit.  After five years of rigorous study at the prestigious American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including two externships learning to treat stroke and brain injuries at California Pacific Medical Center - Davies Campus, she became a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in 2012.  

She spent two years working at Chinese Hospital in San Francisco, honing her skills working with complex cases.  Concurrently, she began her private practice in San Francisco and after moving to the East Bay in 2014 she opened her doors in Downtown Berkeley, where she currently practices. 

She mainly uses a Japanese style acupuncture technique called "Kiiko Matsumoto Style", and in 2019 she received her Certificate of Completion in the KMS style continuing education curriculum. Juliana has gravitated to this style for it's ability to provide instant feedback that the treatment is working, the gentle needling techniques, and of course - because it is the most profoundly effective style of acupuncture she has experienced and practiced thus far. 

When not poking people to wellness, Juliana loves hanging with her friends, hiking the trails at Tilden and Sibley, biking the Berkeley waterfront, making jewelry from found sea glass, creating calligraphic art, geeking out on Classical Chinese Medicine theory, meditating, praying, and finding the balance between stillness and movement.