Pricing & Insurance


Acupuncture Treatment: $260

Sessions generally require 75-90 minutes for diagnosis and treatment.  They include a detailed intake, diagnosis, and treatment using needles and possibly other modalities (moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, diode rings, diode chain, tiger warmer, tuning forks) depending on what is indicated.

If you have received acupuncture before then this style will likely be different than anything you have experienced.  You will receive 75-90 minutes of 1-on-1 time and attention; with a hands-on, in-depth diagnostic and treatment approach.

Subtle Realm Coaching Session: $260

Sessions last 75-90 minutes and incorporate empathically-attuned guided inquiry and innovative processes to have you locate and source from your Inner Guidance System.  When indicated, at home practices and exercises are given.

Subtle Realm Coaching + Subtle Realm Acupuncture : $300

These sessions generally require 90 – 120 minutes of dedicated attention and include energy work, empathically attuned guided inquiry, and esoteric acupuncture. When indicated, at home practices and exercises are given.

Bodywork: $175/50 min.  / $260 / 75 min.

Various therapeutic modalities uniquely tailored for your body. Cupping and/or hot stones, if appropriate for you, can be included.

Herbal Consultations: $260*, Cost of herbs is separate

Initial session is 60 minutes, follow up sessions are 30 minutes in length. Sessions include diagnostic questions specific to herbal therapy.

*$50 discount applied when combining acupuncture with herbal consultation. Discount does not apply for patients using insurance for acupuncture. The cost of herbs and supplements are not included in the treatment cost and prices vary depending on product.

A free 15-minute phone call  is available to see if it would be a fit to work together and how I can best serve you.  Email me at with questions, to schedule the free initial call, or to book an appointment.  If going through insurance for acupuncture please fill out my insurance form so I can let you know what is covered.  Currently the form below is being updated and will be working again shortly.  Please email to request access to a form to complete.In the meantime please email me for a form to complete.  


I accept some PPO insurances that cover acupuncture including Cigna, Meritain, Aetna, and Optum.  Meritain generally covers my rates.  Cigna does sometimes.  The others cover a portion of my rates.   I am happy to bill your insurance but patients are responsible for the full price of treatment if the insurance does not cover any part of it.

*Insurance patient pricing is accordance with individual plan benefits.  Insurance does not cover some health conditions, coaching, energy work, some or all of the cost of massage therapy,  herbal therapy consult or the cost of herbs.

Please email to inquire about insurance.