Breath as Medicine

When I return to presence I remember the importance of breath.  Did you know that poor posture and shallow breathing can contribute to a disturbed shen (spirit)?  This can look like increased anxiety, sadness, and irritability.  Simply breathing properly, and having good posture while doing so, can do wonders for your mood! Here is a 7 minute qi gong breathing video that is lovely and helps calm and rejuvenate with breath and simple movements.  As you follow along, imagine breathing down to your ankles when you inhale.  You can also imagine feeling the breath moving up, down, in, and out, through other body parts that mirror the hand locations.   Lastly – Imagine the full breath sqeeeeezing your organs and releasing any toxins out of them. Breath is powerful medicine.

As a dear friend says on her outgoing voicemail message: When in doubt, breathe in, breath out. Repeat.

Qigong video link:

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