Qigong for Beginners

Qigong (literally meaning energy + work) is an ancient practice of working with the body’s innate energy (animating life force) for purposes of health, martial arts, and spiritual connection.  While a true study of this profound esoteric method requires a lifetime of dedicated practice, understanding the content behind the form will give you an opportunity to amplify the health benefits much more than just watching and copying movements. 

I’ve included two videos to watch sequentially: the first to give a basic foundation and the second to give a simple form to practice. These exercises, when practiced with intention, truly fortify you from the inside out, and are especially good if you are feeling stressed and for those dealing with low back pain. 

1) Foundation Video — Bringing content to form, breathing methods and intention in qigong: 


2) Practice Video — Qigong Master So teaching Dan Tien breathing. 


When Master So talks about meditation on an area he is referring to sensing the area and bringing breath and intention to it as discussed in the first video. He mentions the perineum which is located between the anus and genitals and is important as the base of the trunk of the body.  The standing stance has the crown of the head tall as if pulled by a string upwards, sensing a line through the body core from crown to perineum, with sacrum slightly tucked. The breath is a big part of the practice and he describes more about this at the end of the video.

My suggestion is to try it on for a week.  See what you notice.  It may be that your body calls you back to this, as a deep part within each of us longs to be seen with the pristine quality of attention this practice cultivates. Long term, just doing this sequence daily (with intention) will bring about significant change in longevity of back and body health, as well as providing a sense of calm that comes with presence and focus on the breath and the Dan Tien especially. 

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