Nature’s Medicine

Walking among the trees yesterday I was drawn in by their soaking up the rain; being nourished. I imagined they were gently smiling – welcoming the water home. A friend paused and it had me notice what they were observing – the raindrops clinging to the upside down hemlock. We stared for a good long while, with reverence for the way nature lives so perfectly in harmony. I was drawn to sense these pristine luminescent drops with my fingertips…  a spark of aliveness woke me up as the droplet cascaded down my hand. Co-mingling with the refreshment from the sky, I felt vital and present.  Looking up and feeling the mist on my skin, struck by the magnificence of the peeling eucalyptus sculptures in the fog, I felt awe and wonder and calm, and had a sense of… s i m p l i c i t y. In a world so fraught with chaos that can so easily enter our nervous systems, it is so important to touch into these places of calm, awe, and wonderment.

Where are you finding awe and wonder and calm these days?  Let me know, and if you are finding yourself wanting to tap into these feelings, I humbly suggest pausing to notice nature’s poetry.

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